Ready mix concrete

In the construction industry, ready-mix concrete refers to concrete that can be manufactured using computer controls according to specific customer requirements, and is supplied to the client on-site. This mixture consists of Portland cement and water combined with aggregates such as sand or gravel.

Buildrock Ready Mixed Concrete is manufactured in modern, fully computerized plants that have state-of-the-art equipment via equipment suppliers of global repute - fully automated batching plants, well-equipped laboratories for testing raw materials and fresh concrete, Transit mixers, and portable and stationary pumps capable of discharging concrete at high elevations and over long distances.

Buildrock helps customer to pay for what they use, as the cost and time of hiring mixing equipment, labour, and purchasing and storing the ingredients of concrete may simply not be worth the investment for small to medium projects. For large projects, ready-mixed concrete is also a good option because it takes up little space and aggregate stockpiles and mixers do not need to be installed.This is verified by laboratory testing, such as performing cube tests to verify compressive strength, flexural tests and supplemented by field testing, such as slump tests done on site to verify plasticity of the mix. Various laboratory tests, such as cube tests for checking compressive strength and flexural tests, as well as field testing, such as slump tests done on site to verify the plasticity of the mix can verify this.

Buildrock Ready Mix Concrete (A Division of Buildrock Engineering Pvt Ltd.) is committed to achieve and maintained the high standards of Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) at all its plants and offices. The Company’s HSE Policy, incorporating approach to safety, management control,accident/incident reporting and investigations, duties and responsibilities of personnel etc., is based on the fundamental premise that all work-related injuries and illnesses are avoidable. The Company believes that the responsibility of ensuring the Health and Safety of employees, contractors and members of public is the highest priority. The pillars the Company’s HSE Policy rest on raising the awareness on HSE-related issues amongst its personnel and associates. With a view to assess the level of such awareness, the Company conducts training of its employees throughout the year.