Quality is the essence of our business because we believe that quality paves the way to success in any industry. We understand that premium quality products are required in the construction chemical industry because our products are responsible for building strong structures. Indirectly, we are accountable for creating valuable and dependable structures for society. We are answerable to people and their lives who are using structures built with our products. We realize our social responsibility and thus direct all our efforts to serve the best quality products.

Our core competencies include
  • Consistent quality products & services
  • Team-Spirit
  • Safety Measures
  • Research & development for continuous improvement & learning

We have the following certifications which second our claims of stringent quality work methods, products, and customer service.

ISO 9001: It certifies that our products are manufactured with a focus on consistency in quality to meet customer requirements and regulatory requirements. Our R&D to regularly upgrade technology allows us to offer premium product quality at competitive pricing.

OHSAS 18001: Just as we take care of our customers, our employees can also rest assured under our roof. Our management takes utmost care to ensure Occupational Health and Safety for employees, visitors to our premises and contractors associated with us. This has been certified by OHSAS Policy 18001.

EMS 14001: When we are so considerate about quality in every aspect, we cannot overlook controlling the environmental effects of our products and procedure to manufacture them. Our environmental policy guides us to control air, water and noise pollution within the minimum limit as prescribed by the regulatory authorities. Furthermore, we take every step to maintain environment-friendly atmosphere inside and outside our factory premises.