Joint Sealants and Adhesives

At Buildrock we deals in a comprehensive range of high-quality joint sealants. We have the solution for sealing movement joints, expansion joints, construction joints, connection joints or isolation joints. Joints are often the weakest part of any structure. While joints allow for movement, they also need to be protected to remain water and airtight. Our Solutions fill spaces and joints in concrete or ensure your mixed material joints are airtight with our range of protective sealants. We have very best polysulphide, epoxy, bitumen, and polyurethane sealants. Sealants that come with fire ratings and others that can be used in potable water structures are also available.

We also supply adhesive sealant solutions for a range of applications. These products provide good adhesion across several construction materials. Strong and durable, our adhesive sealants provide a strong bond between your joints. Our technical sales staff can assist you with the right selection of sealant adhesives.


These are two pack polysulphide based joint sealant in two grades. One is gun applied or non-sag type for vertical and inclined expansion/ contraction(movement) joints. And, other one is pouring grade for horizontal movement joints. When these two are mixed, they form tough, flexible, durable rubber like material with strong adhesive properties on most building substrates and joints.