About Buildrock

We at Buildrock.in paved our own way. We are a start-up manufacturing company that produces a large variety of building materials. Our firm is growing rapidly thanks to a team that is highly competent, innovative, and experienced. Our unique combination of experience with novelty is our strength.

Whether it is building solid and safe structures for our customers, or handling small to large sized projects, we can handle the project with the same ease and proficiency. Providing customized solutions to our clients is our goal since we understand that every customer has a different requirement.

Our R&D department makes sure to introduce innovative technologies for the benefit of our customers, both in terms of material quality and price. With our products, existing construction projects are able to be completed faster and structures in new construction projects are stronger, giving them long-term durability. In addition to our on-time delivery, safe completion rate, and other services, we provide an unbeatable experience. We are small wonders.

  • Rakesh Yadav

    (Founder & MD)
  • Message from Management

    "Through our work culture and our strong philosophy, Buildrock sets itself apart from all other providers. With every project we take on, we raise the bar.

    We anticipate exploring and expanding our potential by contributing to the glory of infrastructure development for this nation in the coming years.

    Our company stands by our commitment to creating a better tomorrow and increasing growth unprecedented in the industry. Our focus is on exceptional quality, which delights our customers and is fundamental to their growth and retention.

    Throughout the whole process, we ensure that our products and processes are environmental friendly and cost-effective.

    Thus, I conclude by saying "Achieving masterful achievement is not determined by genetics or inherited characteristics; it is a mindset built upon the understanding that risk, persistence, dedication, and the 'never quit' attitude are crucial aspects in combination."

Our Vision and Aspiration

We as an organization focus on the market and on processes, providing customers with innovative solutions, consistently outperforming its peers, producing predictable earnings for our shareholders, and providing a dynamic and challenging work environment for its employees.

Our proactive approach enables us to develop innovative building materials and allied products which can be uniquely used to build next-generation structures.

The goal of our business is to gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers, thereby allowing us to multiply our growth in the future.

Our Values
  • Customized Solutions

    We assist our customers by first gaining a thorough understanding of their construction and repair needs, and then tailoring a solution to meet those needs. We feel that each construction is unique and requires a unique approach.

  • Value Added Services

    We provide value through innovative services that improve projects and create creative solutions to problems and manages construction projects based on solid strategies that result in reduced costs, reduced time and lower risks, as well as higher quality.

  • Local Excellence

    We acknowledge the diversity of global markets, and we understand and respond to this diversity through the products we offer, by creating or modifying them to better meet local needs. Local knowledge and understanding of local conditions allow us to provide products that are tailored to meet our region's needs.

  • Sustainable Development

    We have the ability to make solutions that can meet or exceed product performance while preserving the environment and keeping the varied constructions in mind. Sustainability extends beyond our operational boundaries, since we continuously strive to add value to our stakeholders by advancing knowledge and reducing the environmental impact.